Hair Salons & Beauty Stylists in south berwick

South Berwick, Maine, is a charming town located in York County. With its picturesque scenery and historical architecture, this small New England town offers a unique and welcoming atmosphere. When it comes to beauty and hair care, South Berwick provides a range of top-notch hair salons and talented beauty stylists. Whether you're seeking a stylish haircut, a stunning new hair color, or a rejuvenating spa treatment, South Berwick's hair salons have got you covered. Many of the salons in this area hold high standards for customer satisfaction and employ skilled professionals who stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques. So, if you're in South Berwick and looking to pamper yourself, rest assured that you will find excellent beauty services within this community.

Facts about south berwick

  • State: Maine
  • County: York
  • Incorporated: No
  • Timezone: EDT
  • Population: 3.6K
  • Density: 1311/mi2
  • Salons & StylistsLocalStylist Salons & Stylists: 3

Top Hair Salons & Beauty Stylists

Sorella Salon & Spa

Sorella Salon & Spa

63 reviews
2 Punkintown Rd Suite 201A
South Berwick, Maine

Sorella Salon & Spa is a hair salon, facial spa, and massage therapist located in South Berwick, Maine. With experienced stylists and estheticians, customers can get ever...

no photo

Affinity Salon & Spaworks Inc

16 reviews
4 Portland St
South Berwick, Maine

Affinity Salon & Spaworks Inc is a full-service hair salon, nail salon and spa located in South Berwick, Maine. The salon provides professional services such as hair and ...

no photo

Haven Hair Studio

5 reviews
21 Hickory Ln
South Berwick, Maine