Hair Salons & Beauty Stylists in elmwood

Elmwood, Louisiana is a small suburban community located just outside of New Orleans. Known for its charm and tight-knit community, Elmwood offers a range of amenities and services to its residents and visitors. With a vibrant beauty industry, the town is home to several hair salons and skilled beauty stylists who excel in providing exceptional services to their clientele. Whether it's a trendy haircut, professional styling, or rejuvenating skincare treatments, Elmwood's hair salons cater to a wide range of beauty needs.

Facts about elmwood

  • State: Louisiana
  • County: Jefferson
  • Incorporated: No
  • Timezone: CDT
  • Population: 6.7K
  • Density: 1777/mi2
  • Salons & StylistsLocalStylist Salons & Stylists: 1

Top Hair Salons & Beauty Stylists

Somer's Salon & Boutique

Somer's Salon & Boutique

177 reviews
5602 Jefferson Hwy
Elmwood, Louisiana

Somer's Salon & Boutique in Elmwood, Louisiana provides a variety of services including beauty salon, boutique, and gift shop services. The salon is owned by Somer, who h...