Hair Salons & Beauty Stylists in willowbrook

Willowbrook, Illinois, is a small suburban village located in DuPage County. Known for its serene neighborhoods and beautiful parks, Willowbrook also offers a range of services to its residents and visitors. The village is home to several hair salons and beauty stylists, catering to the community's grooming needs. With a focus on quality service and expertise, these salons provide an array of hair and beauty treatments, including haircuts, styling, coloring, and more.

Facts about willowbrook

  • State: Illinois
  • County: DuPage
  • Incorporated: Yes
  • Timezone: CST
  • Population: 9.2K
  • Density: 3566/mi2
  • RestaurantsLocalStylist Salons & Stylists: 1

Top Restaurants

Sam's Royal Salon

Sam's Royal Salon

188 reviews
834 75th St
Willowbrook, Illinois

Sam's Royal Salon in Willowbrook, Illinois is a beauty salon, barber shop and hair salon all rolled into one. Providing customers with a unique, trendy atmosphere while o...